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Weekly Menu Planning

Kitchen Collaboration

60652212215__55b1d9af-541a-4861-8569-4c3da5ea37af-1Working well together takes communication.  Some things can be done on the fly as long as everyone is in sync with what is going on and can adapt as things change.  Other things, I’ve found go more smoothly with a little advanced planning. 

Weekly meals are one of those!

On the Fly

My typical chaotic week includes a daily 45 minute commute to and from work.  That cuts significantly into my ability to make meals on the fly.  The result of that is the “what’s for dinner” question and 4:30 PM when we are all getting hungry (and cranky).  With no plan in place, convenience food is typically the answer… fast, expensive and not always healthy.

Planning Ahead


When we plan ahead, everyone knows what’s for dinner. Sometimes I plan out the week on my own, but I usually get input from my family on what they want to see on the menu.  When everyone has ownership in what we’re eating, everyone seems happier.

All on One Page

I have used many different templates over the years.  I created a meal planner with a supply list, a shopping list for the items I don’t have, and a place to track my leftovers. Click below for my template.

Weekly Menu Planning

Having everything on one page keeps me organized.  It consolidates my shopping list so I make less trips to the store (which is essential during this COVID-19 social distancing). Hanging the menu in the kitchen keeps everyone informed, and nobody has to ask “what’s for dinner!”

It leaves me time to contemplate our toilet paper supply, and enjoy a glass of wine and a piece of cake!  Happy meal planning everyone!


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