Introducing Heather Betzhold, an experienced yoga practitioner and newly certified yoga teacher from Tribal Yoga School. With 8 years of personal yoga practice under her belt, Heather has developed a deep understanding and appreciation for the transformative power of yoga. Her passion for teaching and coaching others led her to pursue formal training, and she now brings her unique blend of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to her students.

Beyond yoga, Heather has a diverse range of interests and pursuits. She works in IT, enjoys hiking and music, and is a dedicated wife and mother of three grown children and two furry companions. Heather embraces new challenges and thrives on pushing herself outside of her comfort zone, which is evident in the creative and personalized approach she brings to her yoga classes. Her love of nature and the little things is reflected in her teachings, as she applies the principles of yoga to everyday life.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, Heather’s inclusive teaching style and adaptable approach make her classes accessible and enjoyable for all. Join Heather on the mat and experience the benefits of yoga for yourself.