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A Single Step

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu

Like many others, when asked how I am, my reply is typically something that includes the word “busy”.  Busy, hectic, crazy and  overwhelming are sometimes the best ways to describe life these days. Managing a household with three kids, two dogs and a flock of chickens can be all those things. Taking a step back, however, I could also say I’m active, lively, involved and engaged.  Those, more positive words, are how I prefer to view life.

That being said, and because I’m engaged in an active, already fulfilling lifestyle, I need to prioritize the new things I add to my life.  …which leads me to the blog dilemma: To blog or not to blog, that is the question…to which the answer, whether I have the time or not, is “yes”.

Yes, because I enjoy writing.  Yes, because I enjoy sharing. Yes, because I enjoy helping people. …and yes, because I have to do it for work. 😛

So here it is, my first step in a journey to share, learn and grow…my new ‘hello world’ adventure, where I’ll share experiences, tips and tricks about SharePoint, O365 and other techy stuff, stories about my family and backyard chicken projects, and maybe I’ll even throw a few yoga poses in for kicks.

I do not know where each step in this journey will take me, but I’m excited find out! I hope that you will join me.


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